Holding Tides

by Fair Town

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released April 6, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Fair Town

Special thanks to:
* unknown choir in St. Patrick's Cathedral for their work on "Running From the Cathedral"
* tourists at Ground Zero speaking so many different/beautiful languages on "New Fields"
* goat sounds on "What I Saw From the Canopy" provided by naturesoundsfor.me
* "I Speak Six Languages" seeping in through the background of "I, A Lungfull"
*my family + friends who have listened to my goofy garage band demos and helped me think about writing/life in new ways
*Thom Yorke/Carina Round/Tom Fleming/Hayden Thorpe/Daniel Rossen/Ryan Lott for their unique styles of songwriting
*Garageband <3




Fair Town Portland, Oregon

Happy person feeling okay about being sad.

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Track Name: What I Saw From the Canopy
the green is back on my tongue
and i'm not
staring into teacups anymore
but instead i am
i am living inside of them
do you think i should find
a new home?

but all
i see
is green on green
and all
i see
is soft focus on our feet

and all of it

if i could find a tree for us
to hide in
you know we could stay here
the rest of our lives

if i could find a tree for us
to hide in
you know we could stay here

i hope you can understand
how light can play
off steaming water
i hope you don't just
see it all as
waveforms and fluidity formulas
like they all seem to

i hope you can see
the green on my tongue
finding yours…

yet all
i see
is green on green

and all
i see
is soft focus on our feet

and all of it

if i could find
a tree for us
to hide in
you know we could stay here
the rest of our lives
if i could find
where the nerve connects to the eye-
we could see this from the canopy

but i'm still waiting
for spring
on cobblestones
you're still standing
on a manicured lawn
watching the light
pass through the trees

i wish i could find
out why
we never seemed to fit
maybe it was all the time we wasted
inside that tent

summer's come and gone,
now leave your floral dreams behind
i will think twice
before i plant my orchid this time.
Track Name: Chasing the Tide
if you keep chasing the tide—
it'll only lead you
to the same conclusion
the cycles of the lives
that leave you with your throat dry
and vision blurring
and eyes spinning while you
wonder why you're underwater
searching for it

can i help you rehydrate?
cos i can see the
saltwater weighing you
and you're all
covered in sodium

and though
you're not mine still

today we
fell in
to a place where we
thought we couldn't go
and i swore they wouldn't let
us back
to that headspace we dwell
inside of our drowned minds

and i knew what i would find
washed up on the shore again
where neuroscience took my eyes
overwrought + over thought

the remnants of what was left
you left me far too down
the remnants
what i have left

you left me too far down

i stay blind
for now.
Track Name: New Fields
stole mine-
and i knew what
to find

we stood on the edge of the tidal wave
the light came in
through the glass-stained windows
we tried to carve
our names
while we stayed afloat

we tried
and i saw the light leave your eyes
the years
we'd been afloat the
time machine

we made beautiful sacrifices
and gorgeous pulls

in the hands of my home
i knew would stay

don't you miss me ever again.

goodbye for now, my pilot
my forager of dark seas
it was nice knowing you
if only in our dreams
Track Name: Tortured Artist
tortured artist
only knows how
to tease me
and i
am lost under ripples of yours

when we stare
it's not
the ocean I'm used to
just another
wave of the hand
where we stand

i thought
i had fallen
and found a new cliff
to jump from
all the risks we never took
and i

i thought i had been here

what is longing anymore?
what do you mean?

oceanic glances soften the years of tidal waves
sinking into the water is no longer a threat
but a tempting thought.

tell me what i want you to be
Track Name: Fall in Dawn
what i have found so far
is only what you've made of it
so lost.

what i have made so far
is all that you've wanted from me
i'd only had one part

maybe we have the
wrong time
and i'll give you all that i need to be harmed

will you make me be
the only person to

we're only with you

well i will—
as long as you
keep your way around
and i am falling deeper than i hoped i would

it's all that i need to see
make me yours and i fall in dawn
Track Name: Frozen Feet
strove to find
what you knew
was left
inside your own
your own end.

took what
eyes to mean
what i found
in the ground
inside your
your ending.

what we've left
is not
what i've had
in my
my own fate

i am a lone haunt
want to be
what i need
and i knew
i knew.

oh when you fell to—
when you fell too
when you've fallen quickly
when you fall into.
Track Name: Sand (Moral Loopholes)
scrambling your way
through rocks in the road
morally fraught by
maybe we know
nothing to
keep you here for longer than

you must be sick to see me that way
you must be sick to see me that way

when i found you
under split wood
i thought i could make a pact with my tree roots
but we left and we fell out
i thought it would be divine

don't you go counting rings
when i
have nothing inside
don't you go counting rings
when i
have nothing to incise

scrambling your way
through cracks in the road
wandering through moral loopholes
scrambling your way
through rocks on our road
scrambling your way
through moral loopholes

we had so much extra cotton
we picked so much for your rotten souls
for your rotten souls and i

i've fallen
i've traveled to
plains of ohio
and i knew nothing could be salvaged
i have savagery in my blood
i'm sorry if i take it out on your shoulder blades

with my emotional motion-sensors
i have become senseless under your gaze

tear me down
make me crown
tear it down
give me a crown

in mercury i've found the most truth in my mind
we are meant to destroy your hope again
constant cycles
cyclical tears of acid rain

maybe this day i'll make you change
maybe we can become the rebellion?

but i can't foresee it—
and i can't forbid you from being
your ordinary, evolutionary self.

but desire clouds your ability to save the world
don't you agree?
the clicking of your tongue
tears away at mine
i've scratches on my tastebuds now

you've left me with infections of
skin in my mouth
you shoved it

and i'm taking back the forest again

the natives are around
they're watching from the eyes you left in the trees
from carving away at land mines

i can't be your excuse
i'm umbilicized behind my own claims

sordid and full
is my only wish for you

sorted in fall and scattered in winter
we gave up what
we knew could be yours

sorted in fall and scattered in winter
we gave out the rules to a new game keeper.
Track Name: Going Far
told me it might hurt
i said
i don't mind
if we make believe we're real
then maybe we'll find

some semblance of a compromise
underneath these cotton clothes
you were all mine
before i ran away…

i had this dream when i was fourteen-
it happened in this very room
maybe i knew more then
than i do now

don't think i'll sleep tonight
we can make up for lost time-
with the pull and tear of the wall
i'll find you again.
Track Name: I, A Lungfull
i, a lungfull
you can't let go

i can't think
of—no. i—

i can't fathom why

you, a lung full
i can't let go

and you've all my lifeboats—

and you're not my only hope.
Track Name: Sensory Synthesis (Train Nostalgia)
i'm sorry for those high end types
and your attempt to do what was right
when you fell down the wall of spikes
did you think i'd let you bask again this time?

with seraph-dashes-splitting
tearing all
to recharge
fingers frozen—gripping onto ice

sullen insight
savor your own light

it makes so little sense:
the way we hold our poison in our hands
sulfur in our hands
sulfur in my eyes

and i am opening
and i am opening

guide in your own lights

i'm sorry for the way we made you twist
(lay between my bones-again)
our bones cracked inside an abscess of skin
oh you must find me alone
when you gave in
and i know
who i need to find

safe inside

what i want
what you have not tried
to keep in from me
and i am falling
offer me this time

what i want
what you have not tried
to keep in from me
and i am sure again

go my way and
(not for me—
sullen in my own
quiet tide
Track Name: Earl Leaves
see it through my eyes—

i saw it like
a dream that i had
and i knew you were gone

leaves left for me
is it just wrong to assume
that i lost you
inside my own mind?

keep it just going
when i knew what you'd say:
"it's nothing to find"

keep it from me
as long as you know
what i cannot find
"leave me behind"

leave me behind.