by Fair Town

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All songs written and recorded by Fair Town

Special thanks to:
~Portland Max-Train feature on "Knot"
~chimes on "After Snow" found in a blissful moment Aug 2014 outside of a tea shop on Whidbey Island after visiting an alpaca farm

Carina Round//Ought/Sharon Van Etten/Adult Jazz/Wild Beasts/Courtney Barnett/Deerhunter for helping me express and process the feelings that inspired this release.


released February 9, 2015




Fair Town Portland, Oregon

Happy person feeling okay about being sad.

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Track Name: Still?
land freezes under my weight
and sparks quiver on the sand
i found a shovel sticking out
tried to carve your image in the breeze
but it couldn't be

did you get my letter?
return to sender
kind apologies if this isn't what you wanted it to be
and i guess i'll
i guess i'll have to return to my bed

i guess i'll
have to
return now

all that i knew
is now transfixed by
the light that we shared
under purple skies

when you think of me now
do you see what you've lost?

do you think you could've tried harder?

so there it is—
another way to make amends
how could i not know?

oh why
can't i be
equal parts to this madness

it eats me up and i
can do nothing to subside
it eats me up and i
i can do nothing

are there still things that i cannot say?
Track Name: Right
do i have the right
to take something that isn't mine?
do i deserve your time-
if you won't feel better after it's up?

now was i your right
that you tried but now you have to put away
that it's not our time

is that right?

well i guess that's just the way it goes-
well i guess that's just
the way we'll go
Track Name: Knot
the soft burn
of my knees as they
drag along the carpet
as i inch quietly towards
the new space you've inhabited

the dinner table
you've been hiding for weeks
eyes downcast, swollen tides
only look up when i drop bread at my feet

so how will the silence fall?
will i fall with it—oh will i fall?
and how will the temperature rise?
will i rise with it—oh will i arise?

thought i knew you

the slow turn
of thoughts and omens
as they mix in with
all the others
and all the other
insecurities you're leaving me with now
cos every word i don't hear
is another thing i 'need' to run over
again and again and again

take it all this time
and see what's left
take my all this time

so how will the temperature rise?
all eyes rise with it—oh how i arise.
how i arise
how—i rise
Track Name: After Snow
look out the window
of our new home
satellite train
over the world

do you see what
we become when we
are given the choice?
orange stones light my path
new green is around like leaves
i'll clutch this time

just go—

do you see her?
fire blooming

the silent burn
of blurry trees
slipping away in time
my placid space
quietly grows fire

let it begin

as weeks flash past white bursts after snow